Rot, rot, rot for the Natinals

Fanatic sports fan that I am it's been a pleasure to have become a pro hockey and pro baseball season ticket holder after moving to DC. I didn't particularly care for either the Nationals or the Capitals when I got here, but I went to see the Caps because hey, that's Ovechkin down there, and I went to see the Nats because hey, pro baseball in my own neighborhood.

Over the past two years I've come to enjoy rooting for both of these teams, and though my heart remains in Detroit (go Lions! etc.) I have no qualms about rooting for these two new teams, both of which were pretty bad when I first got here. The Caps are quite good, now, and though they have a ways to go (like, adding a few more fully-D-minded skaters), they're always exciting to watch. But you knew that already.

For my money, if the Nats were a stock, I'd be buying in big round lots right now. Their offense is loaded with all kinds of good hitters -- a healthy Nick Johnson should scare anybody, Dunn's a far more disciplined hitter than I ever realized, there's nothing to say about Zimmerman right now that the numbers don't say for themselves, Dukes still has more upside, and if Guzman could learn to take a few pitches, look out. Most of their starting pitchers keep looking better and better each time out, and they might actually get this guy in the draft, and at least the bullpen isn't losing *every* game for them anymore.

So, yeah, mark my words - look out for the Nats. Maybe if the Caps bow out early (not a done deal yet, I wouldn't count them out even going into Yannisburgh for a game six down 3-2), they could lend a few Os to their southeast neighbors.



As much as I like Adam Dunn, not sure his name and disciplined hitter belong in the same sentence.

He's no Teddy Ballgame, but

He's no Teddy Ballgame, but his numbers tell the story - his OPS is off the charts, third behind two hall of famers, one of whom was juicing (or whatever he was doing). And he's tied for the league lead in walks.

He's a lot better than I expected, in any case. We'll see if it holds up.

I'm a little down on Ovechkin

I'm a little down on Ovechkin after the Gonchar hit. Though subtle, that's one of the dirtiest plays in hockey and he should know better.

Can the Nats pitch?

He says "Gonch is friend, I

He says "Gonch is friend, I don't want to hurt him", but I dunno, maybe you're right. Some of the best players always have been the nastiest... see also #11 for Detroit, as you mentioned the other day. :)

The Nats' starting pitching is coming around, much better on average so far this year. They have extra OFs they could trade for some shoring up of the bullpen, too. I bet they'll finish at .500 and get in the way of a few better teams along the way - anything less would really disappoint.

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