De^h^hFermented and sad

I love you all but don't be offended when I don't counter-sign you as my friend in that network thing. Just ain't enough hours in a day.

Unless it's flickr. I think I've had at least one beer in person with (or at least been well within beer-range of) every single person in my flickr friends list. That's gotta count for something.

[Update: okay, so, I went to bed having just added this and couldn't sleep because suddenly I wanted a social network where I would rank my "friends" by how many beers I'd had with them. From the flickr list, it's not even close: mattmas wins by several orders of magnitude; spiralstars is a clear but distant second; everybody else I only see rarely or haven't known very long or didn't go to school with. Quick: is available!]


may not be totally fair

may not be totally fair because as spiralstars we are two people (three really) but hey, I'm flattered!

don't be flattered, it's the

don't be flattered, it's the truth! and i was just counting you, really. think about it, and add 'em up, it's a lot. good stuff, too. :)


I'm with you on that - there are a batch of Twitter invites coming in from people who seem to be in collect-some-friends mode, I'm not reciprocating in many cases.

On Walker Tracker the measure is "would be happy to take a walk with", generally that can either be accompanied by breakfast, lunch, coffee or beer as a starting or ending point.

Now I'm the one that's

Now I'm the one that's flattered. :) That's a perfect measure, and the idea of a walk, with breakfast, lunch, coffee, or beer in a2 with you sounds great to me.

you post for me

Yeah, I seem to remember being orkutted to death and then... fizzle. Twitter? Linked in? MUST I?

I'm here to say: well, you

I'm here to say: well, you needn't. (cue Monk...)