Dear #code4lib - you look good in xhtml

Hi, meet my friend dchud-logbot. Don't worry, it's kinda shy and shouldn't bug you much.

Channel withdrawal is a funny thing - seems I'm missing a lot by not hearing about what you're all up to from day to day. On the other hand, I still think I need to stay out of the channel most of the time, especially during the workday.

So, I'm logging you. To a webpage. In pretty colors, whenever you /me something or get notices from nickserv.

Don't worry, it's private. Just *try* to find it. I dare ya.


good idea

You know it's high time there was a *public* log I created one (the bots name is bartleby).

I patched LogBot for some enhanced markup:

  • each event given a unique element
  • each event given an id and anchor tag
  • nicknames explicitly marked up
  • real timestamps used

And I added a modification of my own which allows you to prefix a message with <off> and LogBot won't log it. This will still allow us to trade private information without having it trawled by google.

Thanks for the prod. Oh, and I have a login on sildin in case you forgot :-)