Crossover event: Jon Udell and Tony Hammond on DOI, etc.

Very cool to hear Jon Udell connect up with Tony Hammond of NPG to discuss DOIs, identifier persistence, work representations, and reference linking, among other topics. I don't think there was any mention of OpenURL in the conversation but I might have missed it. Funny how that can be just glossed over in a discussion very much about what OpenURL is for.

For a little more on the topic, see also this follow up post on Jon's blog.


DOI and OpenURL

"I don't think there was any mention of OpenURL in the conversation"

In fact we had a much longer conversation and a big chunk of it was on OpenURL. But you nailed it: this was aiming to be a crossover thing. As such, the DOI stuff alone was pretty dense conceptually. So I decided to defer OpenURL to another time. Maybe you'd like to be the interviewee for that other time?

That sounds great, I'd love

That sounds great, I'd love to.

Then again, I'd enjoy hearing the parts of the conversation that didn't make the cut, as surely Tony can speak to the ins and outs of OpenURL quite eloquently.