code4lib 2009 talk on caching and proxying linked data

Here are my slides from today's talk. It's called "what i want from linked data", and it spells out in 110 slides some more context-setting for what I wrote about previously here in "Caching and Proxying Linked Data".

I went to screencast this myself as I delivered the talk using screenflow, but something went wrong. It might have been because the laptop's screen resized itself when I plugged into the big screen. Oh well... good idea, lousy execution by me.

JodiS recorded audio, though, so if I can get a file from her I'll post it here, too.


No audio, sorry :(

Dan, I wish I had audio, but there was a recording error (aka operator error). Sorry; I hope you'll reprise this talk, with recording!

No worries, thanks for

No worries, thanks for trying and letting me know!

I can pretty easily run through it all again with screenflow.