What questions do you have about learning programming?

In the spirit of nanowrimo I'm going to jumpstart writing a book today. The goal of the book is to help librarians learn how to program. I've talked with many people about this and don't know if I'm up for the task but it's time to give it a go or stop dreaming about it.

I have some thoughts about where to start and what ground to cover but I want to be sure it answers many typical questions new coders have along the way. I also hope to develop the text online as I go, using comments, questions, and suggestions for improvements as they come in to help ensure that the book addresses its readers' needs usefully.

So we might as well start now. What questions do you have about learning to code? What goals would you want to achieve by learning? What specific problems are you unable to solve on your own now that you might be able to solve on your own eventually if you had the right kind of support along the way?

There are many options available for doing this kind of thing online but I want to start by keeping it simple. Post your questions here in the comments, hit me @dchud on Twitter, over email, phone, in person, or whatever works for you.

Please let me know what you think and we'll see where it goes. Thanks!

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