Library Geeks 009 - eIFL-FOSS

Bess Sadler, Erik Hatcher, and Art Rhyno joined me to discuss the recent eIFL-FOSS meeting they attended in Cupramontana, Italy. Bess, Erik, and Art have each done fascinating work in the past and are involved in many exciting projects today. We discussed many of these and how they led to their respective involvement in eIFL, and what the goals and next projects for eIFL-FOSS will be.

Bess also interviewed many other meeting attendees, and those interviews are included as well. I hope you'll agree that hearing straight from this diverse, dispersed community of library supporters is a unique opportunity to get a sense of both the scale of work that needs to be done to improve libraries everywhere, and of the enormous opportunities available to us now.

Show notes include:

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oh jeepers, great show.

please bring back the jazillion questions, like favorite and least favorite words. even if i feel smaller for not turning my attention to international projects with the broadest possible impact, the questions help me connect with the humans in the headset.

will do.

Fwiw, I'll skip the questions if we don't have enough time, or if they don't fit the show, or if somebody doesn't want to answer them. This time the show was really about the eIFL-FOSS initiative, and we wanted to get all the interviews in, and that ran over an hour, so we just skipped the questions.

Hopefully each of Art, Bess, and Erik will come back on, and I'll ask 'em then. :)