Library Geeks 002a+b - Post-Social (updated)

Jessamyn West joins Ross and I^Hme to discuss communities virtual and real, and how her work as a librarian intersects with each; Ross also provides an update on the umlaut.

We upgraded our tools some so the sound should be better and files smaller. But, it went over an hour, so it's split into two files, "a" and "b". Arbitrarily complex publication patterns are the spice of life!

[Updated.] Odeo was never the host of Library Geeks. Library Geeks has always been hosted at And the feed has always been And the link to the feed at the bottom left of this page? It has always been thus. As also with the iTunes Music Store subscription link.

Quick notes from the show:

If you do call in with comments, don't be put off by the odd message (it won't be my voice!) - go ahead and tell us your name, where you're from, and what you have to say. We reserve the right to choose to play anything you say can on an upcoming episode, but even if we don't, we'll be sure to listen.


Picking nits

That's "Jessamyn West joins Ross and me to discuss ..."


I got so mixed up with the us and we that /me messed up on the I and me. :( Thanks!


Shy? Not hardly, I completely and totally forgot! Thanks for the reminder and the nice set o' links.

We should be thanking you...

What an awesomely useful page. It was a trip to find it, it felt like stumbling into a piece of an elaborate, expertly implemented hoax you were pulling over on us.


It's not a hoax, is it? :)


Flash doesn't support VBR, at least last time i looked, so if you sound like a different speed that is the likely culprit.


That must be it, that one, at least, was VBR. But, I thought the others were, too... oh well, not a problem anymore, but it's good to know why.



you mean I don't really talk that quickly?

great topic

I'm really enjoying your podcasts, and this was a great topic. It's really nice to listen to people talk about what it is we're doing. It got me thinking about the whole virtual versus 'real' here in my own community. Looking forward to more!


Thanks for writing in, and please keep listening. :)

Love the podcast

Awesome post guys and keep up the great word with your podcast I love listening to it when I get a chance.